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Johnny Angel's Ginchy Stuff



Feature Friday: Haircuts!

Posted on October 9, 2020 at 9:35 AM

Mornin' Ginchers,

It's Feature Friday ... Haircuts!  Yes haircuts, hairstyles for men during six decades of what is hip!  One thing about this ugly Covid pandemic/quarantine/social distancing/lack of mixing it up with our friends is the change I have gone through with my hair.  There was a time when I wouldn't be caught dead without my hair looking primo.  What happened?  Here is a quick history:  it all started out in the 1950's with a crew cut, clean easy to manage and as I got a little older and went to school it turned into a Detroit with a box in the back.  As I became a teen the Detroit turned into a D.A. (Ducks Asset) with a box in the back until the music business and certain friends in the band voted for me to retire my Hoodlum look for a more peaceful, more hippy like, longer hair that was becoming the fashion for the time.  So I grew my hair and even had a friend of ours give me a perm to have a giant red Fro!  When it parted in the middle I looked like Ronald McDonalds lost brother..  Once that faze started to die out I immediately went back to my comfort zone ... the D.A with a large pompador ... it soon became my trademark ... until some health issues and then Covid hit.  I went back to a crew-cut, tired of wasting so much time with my comb and brush, my front an back mirrors and of coarse the pump hairspray.  I also realized just how much I love hats!  Life is sooo much easier now, windows down when I drive, I like convertibles all of a sudden, all rides at the amuzement park are now on my pick list ... the train was getting a bit boring.  I started to remenisce ... I have only had two barbers in my life (in almost 70 years) there was Varsity Barbershop with Dom & Jimmy Guerra and Seven Minute Sam who is my current barber and one of the best.  I remember one year while working with my friends at 3WS radio, they ran a contest for charity.  They posted several hairstyles on their website each week of me with wild hair-dooo's and people would vote for which one my new hairstyle should be.  The winning hairstyle would be my new look for our next concert at Summer Oldies Celebration at 3 Rivers Stadium.  Not one of my favorite contests!  We all change over time and different things become more important.  Now I could care less what style of hair is hip, I like bering free and crazy sooo, I'm back to where it all started ... a crew cut!  Till tomorrow, stay safe, stay healthy, help a neighbor when you can ... and, GOD Bless!


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